Godly vs. Worldly Sorrow

2 Cor. 7:10

T: Godly sorrow brings repentance. Repentance leads you to salvation and life. There is no room for regret here. Worldly sorrow leads to death. When you are sorrowful of the world you are thinking of how you can please others to correct this. Pleasing others is not our desire, but to please God is. There is a difference in being sorrowful to God. You want to please him and be righteous so will come to him with an aching heart and ask him to show you your wrongdoing so that he can lavish his grace upon you. In worldly sorrow you are only concerned about other people whom of which could cause you to stumble and fall.

A: God cleanses us. He lavishes his grace upon us that we do not feel any regret. We have a freedom in Christ that is life. Everlasting life in him who made us his own children. God will not cause us to stumble in a worldly trap.

C: When we worry about what others are thinking of us. We act in a way that we think is pleasing to other “people” and therefore may be living in lie (or sin). We become self-conscious and start regretting things we do or say and feel very sad, hurt, and upset.

S: Ask God to show you what Godly sorrow looks like. Examine our hearts Lord and show us where we may be struggling with worldly sorrows. Give us strength to turn those sorrows into Godly sorrows that will lead us closer to you.



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