He’s Alive! No Stranger Among Us

It seems so long since my last post, a whole month in between, funny how our technology today makes us feel like we’ve lost touch after only such a short time really…

I’ve been going through a season of much change. Everything from new jobs (yes, that was J.O.B.’with an S), to putting our house on the market, and relocating, amongst everything in between that comes with that when you have kids involved, family, your home, the dog, fish, guinea pigs…on & on & on. Sparing you of dirty details, hark! I’m having a “normal” moment, getting to spend much needed coffee time with the Lord and His word and felt you were deserving of a little Bible Study:

Before diving in, let’s refresh on the TACS method of study. It will help you follow along as well as you can easily do this on your own.

T: Teaching – What are the particular verses in scripture saying or teaching?
A: Adoration – What about God can we praise him for in these verses?
C: Confession – How do I fail to realize this in my own life?
S: Supplication – Based on the text, what can I ask God for?

John 4:19-26

T: Jesus speaks with a Samaritan woman. They discuss about traditions of worship, where, how, and about/for. About Jewish traditions of worship and then how she believes the Messiah is coming and waits for him to explain/sort out all of this for the people. Jesus tells her that the awaited for Messiah is HE.

A: That he sent us Jesus. To teach us about God. A direct vine to the Heavenly Father. That Jesus was a real person, like all of us. He experienced our struggles and lived as man lives.

C: By keeping Jesus as a story figure. Not always grasping how “real” and “tangible” he really was and still is. Keeping him in a history box. Learning and reading about but not applying it today as if he’s still present and active.

S: Father God,
I ask to love you with a weird love, as Beth Moore would put it. With our whole being and so much so that we want to talk about it. Share it. That we constantly live remembering Jesus is a real person, like us, who lives today. We walk with Jesus and he with us. Ever present in our lives, must we live like it with life! And joy! Happiness & peace! Ask God that our own being reflect that the Messiah HAS come. He walked among us. People no longer need to “wait” for him to come, he has come and he will come again! Let us wait eagerly for this arrival. In God’s will alone we pray, Amen.