Do You Hear When He Speaks to You?

I am curious if you have ever heard that small voice inside telling you something?  In fact, at the end of this, I would love to hear your stories, whether they be you heard the voice and obeyed, or your heard the voice and decided not to obey.  What was your outcome?

God can speak to us in many ways.  One of those ways is the voice inside of us.  Sometimes it’s a gentle nudging, a feeling you get inside.  Rarely does he hit us over the head with a baseball bat and make it so obvious because we have the “free will” to make decisions, however he has been known to break us at our knees to fall if we don’t cause ourselves to go down on our own!

That voice isn’t something we should ignore.  We need to keep a gentle and attentive conscience.  When we ignore these nudges we become desensitized and calloused to the point where we lose that touch with God’s voice.  We go on doing something we once knew was wrong, keep doing it so much and for so long, that we’ve forgotten (or worse yet, don’t even care!) that we are still doing it.  In Acts 23 the Apostle Paul says, “I have always lived before God with a clear conscience”.  If you made a decision that wasn’t ideal please don’t hesitate to go before the Lord, tell Him!  Ask for forgiveness.  His grace is sufficient and covers you.  If you do not do this you will continue on feeling miserable.  There will be something nagging inside of you that will cause you to be unsettled.

Let me share a personal story with you, surprisingly not too long ago.  Six hours ago I checked out of a hotel room in Dallas, TX.  Seven minutes later I realized I left my coat in the room.  The front desk called a bellman to escort me back to my room and by the time I got there housekeeping was already inside going to work.  I mentioned I had left my coat in the room and the lady got big eyes and put her hand up, “I’m sorry ma’am, I’m so sorry. Hold on, stay right here. I go get it”.  She bolted through the stairwell and I waited what felt like 10 minutes, but was probably only 20 seconds.  She returned with my coat in a…shopping bag?  I truly wanted to think positive about the situation and not pass any judgement or suspicions but something inside of me felt wrong.  I had a yucky feeling inside about the situation and I blurted out, “Funny, it’s amazing how quickly my coat was removed from the room and in a shopping bag?!”, as I briskly walked back to the elevator.  It’s possible my senses were heightened because simultaneously one of our field sales reps was giving an account to a police officer due to her bag being stolen at our event the night before (in the hotel).  Again, knowing full well I needed to take a step back and keep a better outlook about the situation into perspective.  Do not pass judgement, do not blame, or assume anything.  

An hour later we were seated as a group for lunch and I proceeded to tell the story of what happened, but then something inside of me was whispering, “Do not share the story. You do not know what really happened and you’re sounding like the hotel staff was acting maliciously”.  However, once you start scratching an itch, it’s VERY hard to stop.  So I continued to tell the story to full completion.  The owner of our company was present and I knew before he even said anything what my correct response should have been (the one I didn’t obey), however in the end he declared, “We don’t know that’s the case.  They could have very well put it away someplace safe, or in storage”.  He was taking the high road and assuming the positive instead of the negative.  Which is exactly what I failed to do.

My gut still gave me a bad feeling but in the end I also knew right from wrong when deciding to share or not share what happened.  A sense of guilt washed over me immediately.  I felt horrible and regretful.  I am now on a flight back home and the first chapter I read in my book is about having a tender and clear conscience.  What timing!  So now I’m listening to the still small voice that prompted me to write this post to share.  I do hope some part of this resonated with you.  As stated earlier, please share with us your experiences.  I would love to hear about a time you either listened, or didn’t listen, to God’s nudging.

Father, thank you for the various ways you speak to us.  Help us to remember our trust in you when you physically speak to us and we can hear your promptings.  Let us not be weary of coming to you for forgiveness and allowing your love to seep in and cover what your son has already been sent here to do for us, covering our sins.  When we need to, Lord, let us have the confidence to go to others and ask for their forgiveness when we have wronged them.  Your grace and light shines through us into others when we obey your precepts.  Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge that we may do the right things.  ~Amen


Climb Higher, Grow Wiser, Soar Like an Eagle

Often times we pray for our inconveniences to be taken away. “Dear Lord, please remove this sickness.” Or, “Father, if you would only help my co-workers see my ideas the way I do”. However, we cannot be so naive to think we are going to go through life without hardships. In fact, it’s during struggles that we dig our heels in deeper and rely on God even more. Because what we see in the natural is so limited. Our God is infinitely greater than our largest perspective.

We all have pests and annoyances in our lives. Take the eagle for an example. The eagle’s greatest enemy is the crow. A crow will often times follow an eagle pecking and cawing at him, however what does the eagle do? The eagle soars to greater heights. The eagle rises above, so high that the crow cannot get to those altitudes. In fact, an eagle can soar as high as 20,000 ft. That’s the same height as a jet airliner! Much like the eagle, we too, should be rising above to greater heights. Do not succumb to your enemy’s ways. Do not replay evil for evil. No! Rise higher than that! Be the bigger person and soar to new heights like the eagle.

Chickens can barely get off the ground, crows can only go so high, but the eagle can soar above the clouds. Do you want to be stuck so close to the ground like the chicken? Or only get halfway like the crow? Never! God’s word promises you were created for greater things. You were made in His image. Spread your wings and let the guidance of our Almighty swoop you up to greater things.

I was on a business trip recently. As we boarded the plane everything around us was so gloomy. The sun wasn’t shining and it was a very grey cloudy day. As the plane took off down the runway and we began our accent, reaching higher I realized it was beginning to get brighter out the window. As we broke through the clouds the sky outside was majestic blue and the sun shone brightly! How much so is it like us to be trapped in our own gloomy and negative ways? Our views are so limited that we look around us and see grey, dark, and dreary. However, if we soar above our limitations, keep striving to reach new levels, we will find that there is so much more beyond our perspective.

Father God, thank you for your wisdom written in your word. You encourage us not to settle in our limited view but ask that we put our trust and faith in you. We pray for strength to soar on wings like eagle’s. We rest in your arms and trust that you are our provider and director. There is no need for us to control our lives. We cannot be plucked out of the palm of your Almighty hand. Thank you for your security, in Jesus’ name ~Amen!