Wear Your Blessings Proudly

A man saw land for sale and desired to own a few acres for himself.  One day he could build a home for his family and enjoy this land.  However, the more he desired it, the more he thought that two acres might be more than what he really needs.  Perhaps that was greedy or would become too much of a showoff.  Until one day he was in an airplane, 36,000 miles high in the sky, and looking down over God’s vast country side, heard a familiar yet commanding voice inside, “Do you see the land I have created below?  See the endless miles from East to West, North to South?  Those things you desire are a mere spec in comparison to my greatness.  Accept the blessings I provide you with openness and joy.”

The man still gazing out the airplane window now realized that two acres of land would be as big as God putting one pen point of ink down on a piece of paper.  As big as these things seem to us, they are small and minor to God.  Yet, we put so much emphasis and worry into the things of this world.  We worry about impressing other people.  Or are concerned that somebody might be jealous of what we have accomplished therefore, we may hold back all of our gladness when sharing with them about those things.  If we are giving God the glory and the thanks for the things he has provided to us, then it is not bragging about what we have accomplished.  When God gets the praise those worldly desires and achievements do not become idols.

We do not need to dress poor and live simply when the Lord has blessed us with more.  Doing so does not show we are more humble, the only thing it does is show that we are poor and simple.  Wear your blessings proudly!  Give the glory and thanks to the Lord.  In doing so you are taking the spotlight off of yourself and reflecting your part in God’s kingdom which is to be a light into the world.

Do not feel ashamed when naysayers come into your life.  People are more willing to be your friends BEFORE you get promoted.  As long as others remain on the top (above you) they will be fine with you, but once you are blessed with a promotion, you will discover animosity.  The devil does not seek out the lost and downtrodden.  He wants nothing more than to prey on those who have the fiery flames of the Holy Spirit burning inside and shining God’s light.  There is more for Satan to win over by destroying one of God’s own.

Remember to keep the negative self-talk out of your mind.  Tune in to the channel of Victory!  Remind yourself daily that you are Victorious!  Chosen!  Forgiven!  Deserving!  You have royal blood running through your veins!

“Father we thank you that your desire is for us to live life abundantly.  We need to remember that our accomplishments are not us but you.  Let us remember that you receive all of the glory and praise for the many things we are provided.  We do not have to be shy about anything because we know “whose” we are.  Our inheritance is that of a royal kingdom.  We each have our own room in the palace and that is more than we could ever have here on this earth.  Bless us Father in your son’s name, Jesus.” Amen


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