No Longer Do I Live, But That Christ Now Lives In Me

Your story.  Do you have one?  Of course we all do.  Some may have had a dramatic turn of events so vivid and poignant that it’s no hard question when they saw the light.  Others have always been somewhere around and in the faith but over the course of time slowly began to grasp the light.  Neither is the best experience nor is either right or wrong.  The determining factor is not how exciting your conversion was but how excited you are now about your conversion.  Amen?!

My story is fairly uneventful.  My faith journey has been a gradual process over many years.  Starting with a lot of wonder and testing the waters, but going back and forth between a new self and the old self.  Much of the beginning was focused on “doing things” the right way, by following “rules” and mimicking a certain “image” of what it meant to follow Christ.  We can still fall into these traps today!  We often establish our own set of values, which is wonderful for ourselves.  We have our own convictions based on our relationship with Christ. However, where we fall into danger is when we assume to apply those same values onto others.  What is right for us does not mean it should be right for everyone.  Please be careful when judging a friend.  Only the Lord God knows their heart, not you.  (Rom. 14: 13-23)

Also know that there are no manmade laws and rules for which will save us.  There is only One.  That we accept who Jesus is and what he did by dying on the cross to shed blood for our sins once and for all.  That is it!  All of those other rituals and devotions are great for keeping us in the Word and in the faith but they are not requirements for getting us into the Lord’s kingdom.  If we have accepted Jesus and have confessed to him we are immediately cleansed from unrighteousness and have a room in the kingdom of heaven.  We are forever marked and belong to the Almighty.

I used to be a very insecure individual.  Always doubting, never trusting, because I would place my hopes in other people.  I would mark my value based on earthly surroundings.  Whether people liked me or didn’t, what possessions I had acquired.  Pride becomes your root.  I had the sense of control over situations and my environment.  As my faith walk has grown I realize I do not have control at all.  I now trust that God guides and will lead me where He wants me to be.  I accept what comes my way and put my trust in Him, not others.  Know that people WILL fail you.  This is not a maybe or perhaps, it’s a promise.  (Psalm 146:3) The heart is deceptive.  (Jer. 17:9)  God will not.  He promises to never leave nor forsake us.  (Deut. 31:6)  And that brother/sister is something you can TRUST. Amen!

I can now accept that my testimony isn’t big and glamorous.  It’s exactly what you had in store for me.  You make me a member of the body of Christ.  Each one of us is a vital piece in the kingdom.  Together we make up the body.  There will be a day when our heavenly bodies will be made glorious in the image of Jesus. (Phil. 13:21)  Until then, we strive to become like Jesus on earth.  Our human flesh submits to God’s will.  We continually seek and knock and the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, guides us into a deeper understanding.  We no longer live, but you live in us.  For this we are forever grateful.  

Father God, I started this blog in hopes that these words find somebody who needs to read them.  They are not of me but of you working through me.  I myself don’t always know if it makes sense in writing but I pray that somebody needs to hear those words and “strike a cord” with them.  Thank you Lord for giving me the knowledge and courage to pour it out here.  To continue learning and growing about you until the day you call us back home into your kingdom.  Where we are true prince and princesses in your castle.  We are so excited!


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