Quick to Forget: Dumping Your Blessings to Follow the World

So you’ve had a good run at life.  Perhaps not your dream job but you’ve landed in a good place that’s safe and takes care of you so you can provide for your family well.  Aside from minor tragedies (cuts and bruises) you’ve not had to endure any life altering trauma.  All is well!  And then, you’re suddenly betrayed by a friend.  Even more clearly, you perceive to have been betrayed by a friend.  Because after all, it’s your gut intuition not necessarily built on facts and proof.  How does this make you feel?  How do you react?

Let me take you back a bit.  To a time of High Priests and Kings.  It’s 3061 B.C. and King Joash reigns, Jehoiada is a priest.  (2 Kings 12: 1-15)  Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  Together he and Jehoiada maintained a collection of money brought in by the people and used to pay the workers who worked to restore the Lord’s temple.  They did not need a treasurer because everyone acted with honesty, all was well.  Safe to assume at this point God was well pleased.

So here we are, everything is clicking along beautifully.  Workers are moving stones, the temple is being repaired, people are coming with smiles on their faces gladly dropping their fare into the prepared box outside of the temple.  God is smiling down, glorious day!

Then, full of years, priest Jehoiada dies at the age of 130.  (2 Chron. 24: 15-22)  Soon thereafter Joash is persuaded to abandon the temple of the Lord to begin worshiping Asherah poles and idols.  Jehoiada’s son, Zechariah, came to the people as God instructed him.  Pleading for why they’ve turned their backs?!  After all the wonderful times they had enjoying the blessings of following the Lord they can easily turn and begin adopting the ways of this world?!  Zechariah was stoned to death in the courtyard of the Lord’s temple, and Joash completely forgot the goodness of priest Jehoiada.

How often do we forget the good?  We cruise control through life soaking up the sun, laughing with our friends and family, to suddenly be spited by someone or something that doesn’t go our way.  Our smiles turn to gritted teeth and our thoughts begin to plot revenge.  We are very quick to react, become stubborn, and cold.  Our hearts immediately turn off to what was previously good and well.  Our instinct is to defend ourselves (pride) and our territory (earthly things).  Do we forget the big picture?  Our blessings?  What is good?

Rise above!  Big picture thinking!  It’s amazing how you can change your whole world on perspective alone.  I encourage you to keep a small notebook and journal all of the times that happen where you are WOW’ed.  Perhaps a coincidence (which do not exist by the way because all things are God planned and ordained), but none the less these are the moments you have been blessed.  So jot them down in this book and have it handy.  When you are spiraling down the hole to the abyss of bad things you can go back and read your notebook to be reminded of all of the good things that truly exist.  Those are the moments you directly experienced God at work in your life.  Be reminded that He is in and around you at all times.

It’s extremely easy to fall into the ways of this world.  To be honest, it’s the easiest route to take.  Please don’t buy into easy for comfort.  God never promised us an easy life, but he does promise to never leave or forsake us.  We are never truly alone.  Connect with your God, your universe, and be mindful of what you are putting out there in thoughts and deeds.  Everything is energy going out and coming in.  What kind of energy do you want to put into the world?


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