End Well – Live Well: New Year’s Reflections

I first wrote the title to be “Live Well – End Well:  New Year’s Reflections” but realized we shouldn’t be seeking to END, we should be continually striving to LIVE!  As we close the chapter of a current year and head into a new year very soon many thoughts and ideas are swirling about how we can make the next year even better than the last.  Some of our goals might be to listen more attentively to the people we interact with, get more focused with our work, make new friends, become a better friend to those we already have, be present with our loved ones, be a more compassionate mom… Eat better, exercise more, stop stressing over the house being clean and tidy all of the time.

Whatever your list might look like it occurred to me that each day we awake we are given a new day, a second chance, at doing this thing called “life”.  Every day, every moment in every day, is a fresh start and a new opportunity to change the way we do life.  Therefore, let’s continually look ahead and consider what’s behind the Ending Well so that each new moment we can Live Well.  There is no better day than today to start!

As I sit and have early morning quiet time I came across Luke 12:15, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed.  Life is not measured by how much you own”.  Whoa!  Does that cause anybody else to see through the glass crystal clear or is it just me?!  This reminds me that it’s not what we own, or how much we own, but what is it we do with what we own?  And as we head into a new year, what will we do differently with what we’ve been given?

So I really sat and pondered on this verse.  It started to sink deep into my marrow this morning and suddenly I began to journal:

Man does not live by bread alone.

Life is not measured by how much you own.

God sits upon the throne.

In us the Holy Spirit makes His home.


Every good and perfect gift is from above.

The only command we have is to LOVE.

When the Holy Spirit descends like a dove,

Every knee will bow at the feet of the Beloved.


I thank you God for the marvelous gift you give,

of your son, Jesus the Christ, who came to forgive.

Each of these lines are straight out of scripture.  The words started to pour into me and wash over me so clearly this morning that I had to share them with you too.  This is exactly what I needed as reminders for heading into this new year.  If I can’t think of anything else I’d rather try to work on or improve, let these simple reminders be etched into my heart for safe keeping.

Friends, our callings may not be directly related to church work.  We are each called individually into our fields of expertise.  Wherever you are placed remember that it’s “Not how well you End – but how well did you Live”?


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